John K . Bade Memorial Research Hour

John Bade Seminar

John K Bade 8/30/44-4/08/2017

RM Bock Laboratories was fortunate to have John Bade as building manager from 5/17/71 to 3/31/08. As building manager, John’s reach went well beyond brick and mortar, in that he had major, lasting impact in the career of many in Bock Laboratories ranging from undergraduates and graduate students to postdoctoral fellows and faculty.  John cared greatly about Bock Labs and all its occupants and was always there to fix any problem. John always had the solution and did his work with great humor and enthusiasm. John believed that education was fundamental to our mission and was an outstanding advocate of both research and education.  Trained as an engineer, John loved and understood the science being pursued in Bock Labs as a consequence of regular chats with the various scientists who work there.

We are renaming the RM Bock Research Hour in his honor. This once-a-month seminar organized by the student trainees in Bock brings researchers from throughout the building together for a short lecture followed by a long question and answer session and informal exchanges of ideas among the participants. Funds raised in honor of John Bade for this named research hour will be used to support the monthly seminar series and also support a once a year Bock Labs alumni lecture, where we invite a alumni back to give a lecture.

Donations in honor of John Bade can be made here. Alternatively you can go to the UW Foundation secure giving page and enter the Cellular and Molecular Biology Program Fund – 112446680. Please click the “I’m making this gift “In Memory” or “In Honor” of a person” on that page and put John Bade’s name so we can make sure the funds are directed for this named research hour. Any questions can be directed to Kevin Eliceiri.

John K. Bade Obituary

Where and when: Bock Labs Penthouse, 3:00 PM

Refreshments to follow each talk

Feb 14, Bin Li from Prof. Kevin Eliceiri’s lab, Talk Title: “Machine Learning for Cross-modality Pathology Image Generation”

Apr 10, CANCELLED Prof. Ann Palmenberg

May 15, Bayleigh Benner from Prof. Nathan Sherer’s lab

**NOTE: The talk on March 6th has been cancelled**

We are still looking for speakers for the next Fall semester. If you are interested, please email Ellen, Zac, and/or Hong for scheduling. Looking forward to seeing you on the Feb 14th in the Bock Labs Penthouse!