Hans Ris Annual Seminar

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Hans Ris Seminar

The Laboratory of Optical and Computational Instrumentation (LOCI) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison hosts an annual seminar series honoring Ris, who oversaw the installation of one of the nation’s first high-voltage electron microscopes in the former location of LOCI. Ris remained Emeritus Investigator of the IMR until his death in 2004.

Previous Speakers:

2018: Tatyana Svitkina; University of Pennsylvania

2017: Erik M. Jorgensen; University of Utah

2016: David H. Hall; Albert Einstein College

2015: Kent McDonald; UC Berkeley

2014: Wah Chiu; Baylor College of Medicine

2013: Thomas Müller-Reichert; Technische Universität Dresden

2012: Mark E. Ellisman; UC San Diego