John White Annual Seminar

marty chalfie

Speaker: Martin Chalfie

Talk Title:

Determining Neuronal Fate in C. elegans


Marty  Chalfie is Professor at Columbia University  who uses the nematode C. elegans to investigate aspects of nerve cell development and function.  He shared the 2008 Nobel Prize in Chemistry along with Osamu Shimomura and Roger Y. Tsien “for the discovery and development of the green fluorescent protein, GFP”.

Date and Time:

March 29, 2023

3 PM


DeLuca Forum, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery (WID)

John White

John White Seminar

John White moved to UW-Madison in 1993 and was a faculty member in the Laboratory of Molecular Biology (now CQCI). He specialized in the investigation of cell division in nematodes (Caenorhabditis elegans)Later in his career, John dedicated time into confirming his model of cytokinesis, partuailly with the help of a laser-scanning confocal microscope he developed; William Bradshaw Amos later assisted in commercially producing this microscope, which is now widely used.

Co-sponsored by the Morgridge Institute for Research and the Center for Quantitative Cell Imaging

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